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Thierry Demange, amateur astrophotographer for more than 25 years with passion for photography of the deep sky and in particular beautiful nebulae, he regularly meets at the Champ du Feu in the Vosges massif with his associates Richard Galli and Thomas Petit with whom he created In October 2014, the APO_Team, to mean Atacama Photographic Observatory, observatory in remote from San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, hosted by Alain Maury.
Richard GALLI
Amateur photographing the sky since the age of 16 years. This passion came to him by contemplating with the naked eye the Milky Way visible in his native Vosges. The analog photography and then digital photography rhythm his life, often in pairs with his partner Thierry Demange, duo who became trio with the arrival of Thomas Petit and the installation of their observatory APO in Chile at Alain Maury's. His motto: "the sky is beautiful at all focal lengths".
Thomas PETIT
Passionate about astronomy for many years, the click of astrophotography comes to him from his meeting with Thierry Demange and Richard Galli. With them, he climbs the Vosges mountains and the ruins of the Alsatian castles in search of the best shots of the night sky. They spent long nights together at the Champs du Feu. Highlight of this triangular friendship, the creation of the observatory APO, installed in Atacama in 2014.