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- Principal camera: APOGEE ALTA U16M: technical specs in PDF file
- Guiding camera: ATIK 314L+: technical specs in PDF file
- Refractor: TAKAHASHI TOA 150: european website
- Filter wheel: Apogee AFW7-50S
- Filters: Astrodon: Astrodon website
- Focuser: Marque FLI: firm website
- Refractor closing: Alnitak Flip-Flat: closing the refractor and doing flats

- Mount: Mini OHP english type: picture of our mount
- Motors and electronic: step-by-step engine and MCMT (Motorisation Compatible Multi Télescope): clic here
- Wheels: toothed wheel 290mm (diameter) - 288 teeth - Origine: Austria - Richard Gierlinger

- Remote computer: PANASONIC Toughbook CF30
- IP-Cam: we can see inside of the observatory (and in IR during the night)
- IP-Power: electrical outlet swithable by IP adress
- Hard drive: external hard drive for all the backup
- PRISM software: the georgeous Cyril Cavadore's software that we use in its 9th version: PRISM website
- IRIS sofware: the Christian Buil's sofware that we use all the time

- Dome: ScopeDome 3M: polish website: clic here